I consider myself an independent. The stage of politics has never interested me unless you count my 3-year stint of Student Government in High School. Even then, I saw what limited power you really have to make a change. Make me a Benevolent Dictator, I would be highly interested in that job. As a mother, I would make my platform one I think we can all get behind and should be asking our current politicians why we don’t have any of these.


Can you get behind these? I know I can. I want all our children and their children to inherit a world that has.


We have none of these at the moment. Everything has been poisoned. Carbon is not the problem. Poison is. If our environment had more carbon, all plant matter would be lusher and greener making more oxygen for us. The earth can actually take care of itself, but do we really not want to clean up the mess we made? Many corporations and distilled down, it is people running these corporations are responsible for the poisoning of the earth. Maybe I am wrong and AI is running everything. In that case, we are all doomed. Taking responsibility means no more spraying metals in our skies. It means no more dumping toxic waste in our rivers and oceans. It means no more pesticides on our plants and my personal pet peeve- GMO foods. But that is another subject for another day. No more plastic that is not recyclable or reusable. None of this is being addressed.

Instead, we are being led into an ever-increasing digital reality. One that tells you, you will have a carbon allowance and will need these to purchase things besides your digital federal currency. Because it is all about carbon zero. May I remind you; YOU are a carbon life form. The plants and animals are carbon life forms. We all must restrict what we do for the carbon zero goals. Nowhere in this conversation are we talking about the real issue, that we are poisoning the planet.  Instead, we are being led with nice sounding words of sustainability and equity for all. It is green for the planet. Be a critical thinker. Start asking questions. Read white papers. Research. Understand what is really going on. Start asking for what really matters.


This system that we are in feeds off us and makes empty promises to us. It is time we as individuals take personal responsibility for ourselves and our actions. We need to stop poisoning the planet in our personal lives and our professional lives. It is also time to hold those in our governments and our corporations, especially our stakeholder corporations accountable for what they have done. It is time for them to stop polluting and poisoning us now. At one time, we were given dominion over the Earth. We were supposed to take care of the earth because this is where we live. We have not done a great job.

We can mend our ways. Start living in better balance with nature. Compost your food scraps (veg/fruit, eggshells, tea/coffee). Have a vegetable and fruit garden. Stop using pesticides. Cut down on or eliminate your pharmaceuticals. (Your human waste is polluting the planet with these drugs. There are plant medicine substitutes for most pharmaceuticals. But this is not medical advice.) Start to get away from plastics, especially single use. If you work somewhere where you know they are polluting the environment, say something. Brainstorm how the company can stop the pollution. Coming up with some possible solutions may just be the key to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Question the elected officials, the media, the corporations in all of this. There are over 1200 scientists, experts in various fields related to climate change and environment studies, who say climate change is being falsely presented. So, the science is not settled on this. Science is never settled. It changes as the data and information changes.)


CLICK HERE for a link the author shared to an article by Leslie Eastman titled, “Over 1000 Scientists and Professionals Sign Formal Declaration: “There is No Climate Emergency.”

By Stephanie Barnett

Stephanie Barnett is an artist and a conscious creative creator.She delights in gardens, animals, cooking and the endless possibilities of life.You can visit her artwork website at http://thequeenbee.com/