If curiosity killed the cat, then I must have a million lives. I am a very curious person. Because of my inquisitiveness, I have learned information that has changed the direction of my life numerous times. All of these experiences made me who I am today, an interesting person. (I do not say that about myself. It is just a reoccurring comment from friends and strangers. So I am just passing it on to make a point.) I do not have an Instagram or TikTok account. I am not tweeting or oversharing my life on Facebook. Not a fan of social media. Rather I choose to live IRL. Be present in the moment and situation that I am in. Paying attention and listening without thinking about what I want to say – and will she ever stop talking so I can say what I want to say, yada yada. Enjoying the uniqueness of the person in front of me and just breathing. How lucky I am to be alive and in this moment right now.

When you meet someone, they give off a certain energy based on who they are and what emotional state they are inhabiting. We have all seen someone out in public who is having a hard time. The toddler screaming in the aisle having a big tantrum and the mom’s energy goes into cortisol levels of fight or flight because she really needs to finish shopping and get those groceries home but that toddler needs a time out at home now! Or you meet someone so kind that with a thoughtful gesture and a smile on their face, they really make your day and put you into a better mood. Your energy comes with you wherever you go. No amount of makeup, fancy watches, and sports cars is going to change that energy that says: this is who I am. So why not make a decision to cultivate who you are on the inside? I think it matters way more than our societal obsession with appearances and baubles.

It all comes down to choice and practice. Who do I choose to be and living that out. Taking responsibility for your choices and being willing to fail but get up again and try with an open heart and mind. And then trying again. Maybe a failure? Maybe a success? But it is the journey there that will make you into who you are. Change is the constant in the world. Can you navigate yourself to where you want to go? Do you take action to get to your dreams, goals, and desires? Are you making a list of what you want in your life? You make a million choices a day. Why not figure out what it is you want and then make choices that get you closer to those goals? Stop just reacting to life and making the choices from those reactions. Be the person, you want to be on the inside because that is what you will shine through on the outside. Be an interesting person. Be the best you, you can be. That is what we are in control of. If each of us does this, then as a collective we will start to have a better society because we will be better human beings.

It all starts with who am I and who do I want to be. Get curious. Vow to look, listen and ruminate on all you find. Your path has infinite possibilities. What will you choose and have true faith in? Where will it take you? Who will you be?

By Stephanie Barnett

Stephanie Barnett is an artist and a conscious creative creator.She delights in gardens, animals, cooking and the endless possibilities of life.You can visit her artwork website at http://thequeenbee.com/