In this place
Of a flawless cobalt sky
Occasionally curtained in fleecy white patches.

In this place
Of cool whispering breezes
Beneath the sleepy warmth of the sun’s golden blanket.

In this place
Walled in cliffs bathed in soothing gray,
Splashed with fading yellows, dusty rusts; sprinkled in vibrant green.

In this place
Filled with the sweet, pungency of pine and juniper,
The hearty aroma of meats on the grill.

In this place
Filled with voices of laughter, music, and play
The infrequent dog bark or car rumble.

In this place
The murky current of the Pecos River
Gurgles and babbles as a sparkling mountain brook.

In this place,
The sights, smells, and sounds of rest, relaxation, renewal,
Of resurrection on this Easter Day
In this holy place.

Brenda McWilliams
Villanueva State Park – Villanueva, NM
April 4, 2021

By Brenda McWilliams

Brenda is retired after nearly 40 years in education and counseling. When not traveling, she fills her days with community, charitable, and civic work; photography; writing and blogging at Pilgrim Seeker Heretic; reading, and visiting with friends. She enjoys walking at Rose Rudman or hiking at Tyler State Park. Brenda and her spouse, Lou Anne Smoot, the author of "Out: A Courageous Woman’s Journey," have six children and seven grandchildren between them.